Using Javascript with RTW

To use RTW with Javascript the best approach is to use the websocket route because it will then return data in json-format. This is a bit different than using the standard RTW-HTTP route in the way that it uses special websocket endpoints. We will describe how to use javascript with websockets to connect to rtw below.

//Here is the way you setup a websocket connect for recieving data from rtw. 
//Here you will have to replace yourdomain with the name of your domain, service with the name of your service
//and objectid with the objectid you want to use.
var channel = new WebSocket("ws://");

//Here is the way you setup a websocket connect for sending data to rtw. The thing that is different here is that
//behind the last slash it says string instead of channel. 
var string = new WebSocket("ws://");

//Here is the token you can find this in the NDS replace it under.
var token = "tokenHere";

//The waitForConnction function waits for the connection to be established 
//and then sends the token when the connection is up  
function waitForConnection(){
  if(channel.readyState === 1){
  console.log("Sendt token")
  setTimeout(function(){waitForConnection();}, 500);

//This is the omessage function for the revcieving websocket. Here we get the data from the event
//and echo it out to the javascript console. You  may here see your data  and  work with it if 
//you wish to do that.
channel.onmessage = function (event) {
var obj = JSON.parse(;

//Here is an example for sending data to rtw
//Here it is important to send the token with everytime you send something to rtw. This to identify yourself.
string.send('{"token":"'+token+'", "MESSAGE":"yourmessage");

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